Aloha Gas station convenience stores offer healthy snacks

When you think of buying food from a convenience store at a gas station, you think maybe chips, cookies and a Spam musubi — all of which are not really the healthiest of foods.

Aloha Petroleum now wants to help you choose healthy snacks by adopting the Department of Health’s “Choose Healthy Now!” program.

All healthy snacks will have a green label, so that you can spot them easily. Food that’s maybe not so healthy will be labeled in yellow, and red labels are your “uh-oh!” foods, meaning they have a lot of fat and sugar.

“It would be great, if instead of just bright spots across the maps, it becomes a constellation, so busy people, parents, can stop at gas stations to get health food,” said Lola Irvin of the department’s Chronic Disease Prevention Division.

Aloha Petroleum is the first retail business in Hawaii to use the labels.

See the original article at: KHON2

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