Hurricane Guillermo remains a category 2 hurricane, enters Central Pacific

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Although Hurricane Guillermo is still a strong hurricane, some rain bands surrounding the center of the storm are not as well defined as they were 24 hours ago. The National Hurricane Center (NHC) says Guillermo appears to have peaked in intensity.

On Sunday, Guillermo is expected to enter a weakening phase that could take it close to the Hawaiian Islands next week. An overall boost in rain can be expected, however due to the far distance of the storm and uncertainty in track, winds cannot be accurately forecast for the islands at this time.

Summary of 11 a.m. information

  • Location: 13.8N 140.1W
  • About 1,065 miles ESE of Hilo
  • Maximum sustained winds: 105 mph
  • Present movement: WNW at 14 mph
  • Minimum central pressure: 970 mb

As the storm nears the islands over the next several days, it safe to assume that Guillermo will disrupt the trade winds at the very least.

As far as the storm track, the Hawaiian Islands are still within the cone of uncertainty, so residents should prepare for this or any other storms that my move near the islands through the end of the hurricane season.

Hurricane Hunters are expected to fly through the storm Sunday.

It’s standard procedure for the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron of the Air Force Reserve to fly into storms threatening any part of the U.S. or one of its territories.

Crews drop special sensors known as dropsondes into the storm to measure wind speeds, pressure and temperature.

NOAA Pacific Radar

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