Possible dynamite discovered on Lanai, area evacuated

Maui police are standing by after securing an area that may contain possible explosives.

Lanai patrol officers were contacted at around 12:30 p.m. Monday by a 52-year-old man who found a canvas bag in his storage shed.

When he opened the bag, he discovered what he believed to be dynamite, fuse and blasting caps.

He loaded the suspected explosives into his vehicle to properly dispose of it, but patrol officers advised him to park the vehicle immediately.

The vehicle was located at the intersection of 6th Street and Ilama Avenue.

Officers conducted checks and confirmed that there were suspected explosives within the vehicle. The Explosive Ordinance Division (EOD) from Oahu was notified of the circumstances.

Officers secured the perimeter with the assistance of the Maui Fire Department and nearby residences were evacuated.

They are standing by until EOD arrives to properly dispose of the suspected explosives.

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