Woman’s death sparks others to stand against domestic violence

An apparent case of domestic violence is prompting people to take a stand.

Heather Rosa Tuiolosega was killed on Monday in Southern California. Her family here in Hawaii say they’re coping the best they can.

Heather Rosa had a big smile, a really soulful laugh, and loved nothing more than her family.

That ohana was torn apart on Monday when she was murdered. Her husband is in police custody.

It’s left so many family members, her son, her mom, siblings and numerous nieces and nephews heart broken.

"They’re having a very difficult time. Kids that age shouldn’t have to acknowlege or deal with these type of things. It’s hard, it’s Halloween. There are a lot of people having fun. They’re trying their best," said her brother-in-law Steve Baginski.

I knew Heather, I had heard that great laugh first hand! So I felt compelled to try and make a bold statement and stand up to domestic violence.

So this morning on Wake Up 2day I had Olena shave my head to serve as a visual reminder..

And you know what I wasn’t alone.

"No one should ever have to endure the pain and suffering that they’ve been through, that I witness, that I feel. And I just…it’s an incredible thing what you’re doing Jai. I’m behind you," Baginski says.

Steve wasn’t kidding, a tribute to his sister-in-law and our statement to stand up to domestic violence, and we had help.

Paul Wood took his lunch break to share the shave.

"I join you this morning. I saw you doing this on the t-v show this morning. So I said you know what Jai I will stand with you," Wood says.

And we weren’t alone. I asked viewers to share photos of their newly bare heads and I got them.

This started as a tribute to Heather Rosa, but it has a much bigger message.

"There’s no excuse. There is no excuse for it. Everyone needs to be treated with respect and dignity. Violence is never a solution to any situation," Baginski says.

And for the next year if a woman or child in Hawaii is killed due to domestic violence I will shave my head once again, just too let you know we’re still standing up to domestic violence.

See the original article at: KHON2 Local News

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