Wounded Warrior amputee softball program inspires, motivates

The Wounded Warrior amputee softball program is just over a year old and the national team is in Hawaii for some practice before a big tournament.

From a distance the players on the Wounded Warrior softball team look like any other competitive softball team practicing under the Hawaiian sun but they aren’t.

"We have a hand an arm and a below the shoulder amputee.. We have two guys missing their right foot two guys missing both legs below the knee.and the rest missing their legs below the knee " said David Van Sleet, Wounded Warrior Softball.

But thanks to state of the art prosthetics the wounded vets can now run, throw and hit like they did before they were injured.

"We carry about 2 million dollars or prosthetic. We have the best of the best so the VA and the DOD has done us well in that department," said Van Sleet.

The wounded warrior amputee softball team was started about a year and a half ago when a tryout was held for any veterans who wanted to get back on the field.

About 200 guys showed up to came in Arizona about 20 guys were selected and 12 of us made the team so I was lucky enough to make the team pretty awesome!" said Nicholas Clark, Wounded Warrior Softball

The team now travels around the country playing softball but more importantly raising awareness and hope that not all is lost after any injury.
"It is very fullfilling," said Clark."It is kind of hard to explain it was like when I was serving in the military its kind of the same dea, inspiring and motivating people. I if I can give back by playing the game that I love everyone wins."

The team will return to Hawaii in January to compete in a state wide softball tournament.

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